Saturday, December 12, 2009

More on Ninja ZX 150 RR..

'Speeding control technique and engine good cares'

If i've been asked, any owner of this bike at top speed can reach 180-200km / h. So I do not struggle in engine modifications. This bike is strong enough! Only slightly less power pickup from NSR 150 (Honda) or TZM 150 (Yamaha). But don't worry becaused the purpose of our talk is more on engine operation.
Generally, the valve (Super kips) is not dramatically continue to use the controller like TZM 150. This Ninja using mechanical valve is more durable than the valve controller. The opening throttle little by little by reading RPM. The 2 stroke bike oil normally higher in RPM but not to burden.

Using oil 2T become a duty and I suggesting here use semi-synthetic or fully synthetic only. My experience until now I used 2-stroke engine oil semi-synthetic is sufficient enough to reduce the amount of carbon in the combustion chamber and facilitate the work of cleaning, especially the valve. Brand 2T shell approximately of RM24/per bottle or 91.2 USD (Advance VSX).But to gain more satisfaction i recommeding MOTUL and TOTAL oil.

The 2-stroke motor not only be difficult to concern, but the chain must be lubricated if each can have 500km on the blog entry that I've researched. If the 2T indicator is red light, do not use RPM as high as 2T has reduced pressure to avoid cramps engine (hours).

KAWASAKI.."Lets the good times roll.."