Saturday, December 12, 2009

More on Ninja ZX 150 RR..

'Speeding control technique and engine good cares'

If i've been asked, any owner of this bike at top speed can reach 180-200km / h. So I do not struggle in engine modifications. This bike is strong enough! Only slightly less power pickup from NSR 150 (Honda) or TZM 150 (Yamaha). But don't worry becaused the purpose of our talk is more on engine operation.
Generally, the valve (Super kips) is not dramatically continue to use the controller like TZM 150. This Ninja using mechanical valve is more durable than the valve controller. The opening throttle little by little by reading RPM. The 2 stroke bike oil normally higher in RPM but not to burden.

Using oil 2T become a duty and I suggesting here use semi-synthetic or fully synthetic only. My experience until now I used 2-stroke engine oil semi-synthetic is sufficient enough to reduce the amount of carbon in the combustion chamber and facilitate the work of cleaning, especially the valve. Brand 2T shell approximately of RM24/per bottle or 91.2 USD (Advance VSX).But to gain more satisfaction i recommeding MOTUL and TOTAL oil.

The 2-stroke motor not only be difficult to concern, but the chain must be lubricated if each can have 500km on the blog entry that I've researched. If the 2T indicator is red light, do not use RPM as high as 2T has reduced pressure to avoid cramps engine (hours).

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Modification of Ninja ZX 150 RR..

Hi's some pictures to share with u the modification of Ninja ZX-150 RR but obviously the scheme's color changes, exhaust pipe (yoshimura), single seat rider and the bottle cap brake fluid:)

KAWASAKI.."Lets the good times roll"

Comments on Ninja ZX 150 RR

First I want to apologize to fans of other brands when the motor is a sentence less than pleased, and so forth.This paper is only my opinion about the Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 CC..Hmmm ... Maybe in Malaysia Kawasaki less popular brands than Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki even. But somehow, I first must have a motorcycle and drive it, my choice this fall to the Kawasaki brand. In that early year, still very few people who use the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. It feels like a luxury motor mounted. Each stop at a red light, people's eyes were focused on my bike, not to me:) It was always the coolest guy universal. It is a very special motor in its class. My first experience with this bike racing, I almost fell tumbling backward for not knowing his characteristics. Incredible strength. Below 7000 RPM it feels like regular motors, but the 7000 RPM onto my body felt like being pulled back, the motor ran like a demon! As already knows the characteristics of these motors, I have never again been speeding starting from 1st gear, I would start from 2nd gear, if not certain motor standing. This engine is also very strong. I never replaced the engine block and its contents. It sounds a little change, a bit rough, but when the check inside it, no blisters at all.

First I was drawn in red..

But the colors are special colors and need additional money to get it.When I had agreed to add money, the Kawasaki is not even willing to provide these motors with a variety of reasons. There was only 1 motorbike Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR red CC. Blessed are those who have a motor with these colors.

The second option to fall into..

The color orange. But when asked for opinions of others about the color orange, the answer is not far to the quot. I still do not mind about that nickname, but on second thought orange can make me get bored quickly and the color is too light, can rapidly raise the emotions.

The third choice fell to the color green..

It was the color green very much chosen by Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle lovers RR 150 CC aka plebeian color. But after I thought about it, the color green is the color characteristic of Kawasaki and besides the green color is a soft color, no glare, and provide reassurance when seen. So my choice down to the color green. Perhaps the reader to wonder, why this person disputed weird colors. Perhaps for that do not know, color can effect our lives. So for me the determination of color is very important to my life. I can not give an opinion many of the motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 CC because I'm very newbie in riving this bike :)

Review on Ninja ZX 150RR Specification..

In my view this is a great sportbike in its category! Perhaps much better than Yamaha TZM 150, Honda NSR 150, Suzuki Panther/Gamma 150 or even more better than its brothers KRZ, Cyclone and Victor! The engine is so strong and tough. With the development of the Super kips and Ninja HSAS as a third-generation technology is more environmentally friendly, RR Ninja prestige increasingly confirmed as Super Sport motorcycles are increasingly becoming Malaysian dream exclusive of each individual who desires a true upper-class motor is powerful, charismatic and sporty look. Let us see its spec..

Specification :

Type of Machine : 2 Step, Crankcase Reed Valve, kips, RIS
Displacement : 148 cc
Max power : 22.1 KW (30 PS) @ 10.500 rpm
Max torque : 9,000 rpm
Bore x Stroke : 59.0 x 54.4 mm
Compression Ratio : 7.2:1
Karburator : Mikuni VM 28
Starter System : Kick Starter
Transmission : 6-Speed constant mesh, return shift
Operating : N-1-2-3-4-5-6
Type Reduksi : Primary Gear
Final Drive : Chain Drive
Ratio reduction : 2785 (39/14)
Drive Ratio 7.7836 @ Top Gear
CDI : Ignition system
Burning Oil : Injection System
Cooling system : Water cooling system / radiator
Oli Machine Capacity : 1.2 liters
Lubricant Transmission : 0.87 liters
Tank Capacity : 11.5 liters
Plug : NGK B 9 ECS


Length x width x height : 1.965 x 1.075 x 725 mm
Distance wheel axis : 1.300 mm
Proximity to Land : 131 mm
High seat : 780 mm
Weight : 124.5 kg
Frame Type : Double Cradle Frame
Suspension : Front Telescopic
Suspension : Rear Monoshock
Front : Twin Pot brake disk
Rear brake : Twin pot disc
Front tire : 90/90 - 17 "49s
Rear tire : 110/80 - 17 "57s
Cast Aluminum Wheel : Rim Wheel Aloy


Kawasaki Ninja RR both have advantages. Among other fuel efficient and environmentally friendly technology because it has to apply the latest machine is not 2 SUPER kips and HSAS and has passed the Euro II. Although the price is relatively expensive and the dominant popular upper middle class, but in terms of sales from month to month to show a pretty graph. This is evident from the number of customers from among teenagers who rode the Kawasaki products.

The Price..?
On the road with RM 9,600.00..but you will think that's a reasonable price when u're enjoying riding it with a great great satisfaction!

KAWASAKI..Lets the good time roll